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If you have any missing teeth or have teeth so badly damaged that they must be extracted, it is likely that your smile will suffer. Fortunately, thanks to modern technology and our expert team at Ravago Dental, dental bridges can be used to get back the smile you may have lost.

Dental bridges with restore your broken smile by filling in gaps caused by lost teeth. Find your smile with dental bridges. Here are some of the benefits:

– Dental bridges can help restore your facial structure and allocate bite pressure evenly amongst your teeth.

– Dental bridges can improve your smile’s beauty if you have any missing teeth, especially those in the front of the mouth.

– When compared to your ability with missing teeth, your skills eating food are vastly improved with dental bridges.

– Healthy, natural teeth can shift and slide if the gaps left from missing teeth are not closed.

– Your speech ability is improved with dental bridges. Your upper front teeth are often considered the most important for speaking, and dental bridges do a fine job in reproducing the ability if those teeth should ever be lost.

– Missing teeth can cause improper bite variations. Dental bridges can return your smile’s movements, stability, and configuration back in order.

If you would like an oral examination to learn more about our various tooth replacement options at Ravago Dental, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Melissa Ravago, by calling us at 505.292.6414 and speaking with a member of our team. Our office is in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We want to make your smile whole, so it can luster and shine for many years to come!