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Your child’s first tooth is erupting above the gumline, which is both exciting and dreadful. Usually, your child’s first tooth erupts when they’re between four months and six months old. Typically, the last tooth comes in when your child is about two years old. However, while getting their new teeth is an important part of their natural development, it can cause them pain. As their parent, you want to help them deal with their discomfort. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make the experience more comfortable.

For example, you should consider giving your children something to bite on. You could give your child a teething ring or a cold waffle. You see, biting down can help relieve pain and break down the tissue of the gums. This will make help the tooth erupt faster. Cold teething rings will also numb your child’s gums, providing more comfort.

Another solution is over-the-counter medications that can help provide relief to your little one. These medications, usually in the form of gels, will numb the sore area. However, using too much gel could numb their entire mouth. If the gels don’t work for your little ones, you could also try a prescription medication. If you aren’t interested in using medication, vanilla extract is a good substitute.

Sometimes, a child will be hesitant to eat or drink when they’re teething. It’s usually best to give them soft foods during this time. Adding flavor to their water may also be enough to get them to drink. Distracting your child is another way you can help your little one deal with the discomfort of teething. For example, you could play with your baby or watch videos with them.

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